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We offer a plethora of creative writing service options to help your
business make an impact within your desired market and beyond.  Our
team works diligently to generate a diverse array of deep and
meaningful to fun-loving and whimsical outlines that exceed your
expectations in order to create impactful campaigns that will stimulate
continued growth for your business.

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OBSolutions Writing Samples  
{Samples updated frequently}

Anecdote- a short, personal account of an incident or

Aphorism- a short, wise saying

Bio-Poem- a poem about someone’s life

Blog Post- a log created for the web with regularly updated journal post
accessible to the general public  

Brochure- pamphlet or leaflet that conveys information
about a business or service

Commercial- (Filmed in HD) advertisement suitable for television or

Dramatic Monologue- a one-way conversation in which
someone tells a lot about himself or herself

E-Mail- electronic mail sending a message from one
computer user to another

Flyer- Small Publication to be printed and
distributed to potential clients

News Release- an explanation of a coming event using
the 5 Ws

Observational Report- writing that records sights,
sounds, and other sensory details

Oral History- documenting tape-recorded or filmed
conversation about an earlier time period

Pet Peeve- (referring to your competitor) a personal
feeling about something that bugs you (the

Petition-A formal request addressed to someone in
power (your patrons)

Profile- A detailed report about a person (or business)

Time Capsule- Writing that captures a particular time

Travelogue- Writing that describes travel pictures
(slides, videos, locations)

Transcription- Create word copy of audio media

Voice-over- Provide vocal audio for a character in a cartoon or a radio
or television advertisement

And as many other options as you can imagine

When You Don’t Know Your Options,
You cheat yourself &
When You Don’t Weigh Your Options,
You cheat yourself

Allow OBS to help you review your marketing options

And YOU choose the best for you and your business

We specialize in out-sourcing our services for short-term to
long-term marketing projects geared to driving traffic to your
business or website.  You can use any combination of the writing services
we offer, couple that with a magnificent marketing plan
designed & customized for your business and our
stupendous Administrative Support Specialists will execute
the plan we develop.  All you really have to do is watch your
business grow.   
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