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I went to one of my favorite department stores to buy a nice dress
shirt for my honey.  As I walked through the store looking for just the
right item, I heard a nice man speaking with one of the salesladies
about his displeasure with the selection he finds as a man of rather
large stature.  He says many times the styles are bland and the look
changes once he sees it in his size.  She said she had heard those
woes many times and she agreed that there should be more of a
variety when it comes to Big and Tall men.  Being the
'bud-in-ski' that I can sometimes be, I intervened into the
conversation and told them about UnkleKimono.  I told them that this
site offers everything. By simply providing your measurements, you
can have a custom-made dress shirt, suit, trousers or an overcoat
delivered to your door in a very reasonable time-frame.  They could
not believe they had not heard of such a site previously, but they were
glad to know about it.  The saleslady said she would refer it to her
many customers that could not find what they were looking for
amongst their selection and the gentleman that had initiated the
conversation rushed off so that he could go home and hop on the net.
As I was talking to my god-sister on the phone, she mentioned how
her feet had swollen up a bit due to her pregnancy.  I told her she
should definitely take it easy and we could go out to see the movie
some other time.  She stated there was a baby shower she had to
attend the following weekend and she'd hoped to do a little shopping
after we caught the flick.  Instead of adding any strain to her weary
little feet, I suggested that she start the tea, I'll grab a movie and head
on over.  We could get the shopping done conveniently online
through GearUGalore.  I told her there was a recent addition by the
name of Nimli which offers fabulous baby furniture, clothing and
accessories.  We perused the selection after the movie and had it
shipped for free.  Couldn't get any easier than that and we so
enjoyed the time together.
Whoever would have thought we would have such a great time
checking out all of these hilarious tees.  The good thing about this
merchant is they offer both men and women sizes.  It's a real pain to
get a small male shirt and when you get it, it's still way too big.  
Problem now solved.  Sometimes I see those mushy type tees and
they do not catch my fancy, but when I view the selection offered
WearYourBeer tees, they're a real hoot.  Check 'em out, if for
nothing else, mere amusement.  
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