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There is not much I really want to say.  I’m a young female trying to
maintain.  I stay on my grind and make it my business to kick it when
I can.  Some people only see one side of me and that’s cool and
somewhat understandable because I don’t put too much of myself
out there to know.  For the most part, I’m a private person that
enjoys my own company.  If I decide to be “friendly”, I’m still quite
apprehensive about who I deal with.  I think that’s necessary in order
to stay on top of your game.  Letting too many people in your circle
can collapse your world.    

Those in my circle are family and long-term friends.  The people I
allow into my circle are not typically shallow or narrow minded.  I like
to have intriguing and insightful conversations.  I don’t like single
subject people.  You know, the kind that always talk about the same
thing every time you talk to them.  I can imagine that would get
annoying and it wouldn’t take long.  I must say I get annoyed quite
easily but I have been doing a good job of practicing patience.  I
think that virtue grew when I was a teacher, well a substitute
teacher.  I had the opportunity to work with a lot of great kids and I
charge that as just that, an opportunity.  Most people see that job as
just a job, but I looked at it as I look at most things in my life.  An
opportunity to influence, provide insight and understanding
whenever possible to someone else when needed.

When I do step outside my private world and interact with people
other than those close to me, I try to make sure I make a positive
impact on them. That’s what I do.  I make a powerful impact no
matter what I do.  Keep in mind there are varying ways in which this
can be done.  I’m not loud or robust.  I can get aggressive and I’ve
been referred to as fierce on more than one occasion, but I typically
like to take the silent come-up.  It seems to fit my personality best.

I've recently embarked on a fantastic new venture, GearUGalore in
the Spring of  '08.  GearUGalore is revolutionizing one's shopping
experience.  All my clients have to do is log on, go to
www.GearUGalore.com and explore the selection.  I'm talking gear
for everyone, from the boardroom to the bedroom.  G.U.G offers
tailor-made men's suits, and jackets, as well as women's formal
attire and accessories.  I am currently establishing an extended
network of alterations specialists across the country to cater to the
needs of GearUGalore clients.  

We want to make your experience with GearUGalore a pleasant
and time-efficient one, therefore, if you need alterations on any of
the garments purchased (except tees and lingerie, of course), we
will schedule an appointment with one of our established alterations
specialist network affiliates in your area to have your apparel
custom-fitted for you.  

GUG also offers men's business casual gear, casual gear and t-
shirts in all sizes from small to 6X.  GUG has women's business
casual apparel, as well as women's tees.  We even dress the exotic
professionals by offering magnificiently sexy costumes and shoes
as well as lingerie.  When I built GearUGalore, I definitely had
everyone in mind and as we continuously grow, you can expect to
find more you will like.  Keep an eye out and take advantage of the
opportunity to be styled by GearUGalore.
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