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As he opened the door for me, I could smell the fresh, new leather
interior of this beautiful chariot on wheels.  He wished for me to sit in
the back seat so that I could get the feel that I was being chauffeured
and catered to. The plush seats seemed to hug me securely as we went
for a cruise through the H.  As we listened to the magnificent sound
system, my ears welcomed that powerful voice as it filled the capacity
of this spacious vehicle.  Each decibel caressed my drums and
every part of me internally.  Again, I welcomed him into my world as
he laid the floor for me to enter his.  That ride made me feel safe and
As he approached me, I couldn't help but to notice the
magnificent fit of that coat.  The shoulders set perfectly and
the flair, outstanding.  It appeared to be a Cafe El Cairo, sport
jacket.  I'd seen a similar version offered through GearUGalore.
The Uncle Kimono line custom makes garments to the
individual client's specifications.  I could tell by the fit of this 3
button, flap over pocket, heather charcoal background jacket,
the length and sleeve placement, that this was definitely from
GearUGalore's selection of stylings.

Uncle Kimono
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