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------- Innasense? You know there is a lot in a name. When people read
or hear your name, there are sometimes connotations that you are
unaware of.(oops..prep). I don’t know anyone named Jezebel, so you
kindda get the idea. ********** Someone asks me how I got the name
Innasense. Well, my darlin’ gave me the name about 12, maybe 13,
years ago. I told him how I had started writing rhymes during my free
time after I moved to Denton to go to school and I was having a tough
time coping being so far away from him and the rest of my family. He
said I needed a name that would reflect much of my personality. So we
began to ponder. At first, I thought I should be called ‘Pimpstress’, but
he didn’t like that too much. I thought it was pretty fly though, you know
like pimpin’ da pen, but his opinion prevailed. We brainstormed a little
longer and he came up with Innocence. I thought Innocence. I don’t
think I can pull that name off very well because I don’t want to come
across as some Miss Goody Two Shoes. So we settled on a
derivative of Innocence with a lil twist……. Inn_a_sense. ********** My
intent when writing is to not merely put words on paper that rhyme, but
to write thought-provoking pieces that may or may not bring insight on
a given area or subject matter. My darlin’ has always told me I have a
unique way of looking at things and I often break things down that
others may be perplexed by. When I took the opportunity to teach (K
thru 12) as a substitute teacher after I graduated college, I was faced
with challenges everyday in regards to explaining various elements of
structured learning to young people that sometimes, just weren’t
getting it through the traditional methods of explanation. I would simply
take everyday situations that I assumed the child had encountered and
tie that in to whatever the subject matter happened to be……math,
science, writing, reading, a whole plethora of shit. I honestly can say, I
loved that job (it just didn’t pay enough). ********** I specifically
remember one brother in 8th grade I was working with in a pre-algebra
class. He was having some trouble with equivalent ratios (or something
like that) and I took a few minutes to explain it to him and you could
literally ‘see the light come on’. He was like and I quote, “Dang, Miss,
you make this seem so easy. I’ve been listening to my teacher most of
the semester and it never made sense befo’”. Keep in mind, these lil
jokers are very well-versed in trying to run game (and I’m well-versed
on peeping it), but this dude was too for real. He got over there and got
busy. One of his lil homegirls came up to me and said “Miss, he never
does his work like that.” I said, “Well, he’s got it now.” When he
finished, he brought me his paper and I took the time to check it right
there on the spot and I tell you, he was elated when there were only a
few corrections as opposed to a red “redo” at the top of the paper as
he’d previously seen. It felt really good to help him out like that. You
could say that was probably one of my most rewarding days as a
substitute teacher.********** When I stepped out of the educational field,
I stepped into the business sector. I have almost always had my hand
in this arena, one way or another, from as early as about 14 years old. I’
ve been grinding since grinding was simply known as maintaining. *lol*
Ya feel me? It appears my family and friends have always considered
me to be the ‘go to person’ when they need clarification or information
on various subject matters. I guess you can say ‘that’s my thing’….I
research and fact find. Yeah, yeah…ggeeekky I know , hence, the
degree in Psychology, dual minor in Science and Business. There's a
difference between Knowledge and Applied Knowledge, therefore, I
made my way down to the county courthouse and established my DBA
for Organized Business Solutions. It is a Sales, Marketing and
Administrative Support Agency that was started to help area small
businesses establish record keeping systems, as well as, market their
product or service using varying media to generate business. In May of
2005, OBSolutions’ Administrative Services were contracted for a
multi-million dollar UK based engineering firm’s Sales and Service
office located here in Houston, Texas. No more applications and
interviews. Strictly meetings and contracts, ya feel me? Things are
progressing in a pretty positive light. The bulk of the business day is
consumed with product procurement, vendor accounts, HR stuff and
the like, however, I still have time to take on interesting and exciting
new projects. In Summer ’06, I began writing for Dime Piece
Magazine. It is only the hottest, internet and hard-copy publication
being distributed nationwide to date. Initially, I was strictly responsible
for the ‘Corporate Come-Up’ section in DPM, but the editor has
expanded my works to include the past two cover stories, CoCo (out
now) and Maria Milian (coming soon). I have also written articles on
Shane Sparks (So You Think You Can Dance), Troy (software creator
of Traxxpad) and a few video vixens among others within this
publication. Aside from my day gig and quarterly writing submissions, I
work closely with an area psychologist as the Vice President of a
counseling center in Southwest Houston, which has been helping
people since 1968. I am the Administrative Director for the Real
SydeSwipaz Bike Club, founded here in Houston, Texas. SydeSwipaz
are riders with a purpose. A percentage of the proceeds donated go to
area 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. Keep ya eyes and ears peeled
for our next event as you don’t want to miss out. Speaking of GRIND,
ya girl has been hitting the studio hard for the past month. I had a
session for Saturday 12 noon, but IKE thought otherwise *lol*, so there
was a need to reschedule. I plan (tentatively) to have a completed
project for you guys to enjoy by the end-of-the-year. ***************** I
can say that my desire to help and provide insight to others as I learn
on this journey we call life, is being continuously translated into the
pieces I write for your listening pleasure. Because the media’s goal is
to seemingly retard the mental and social growth of our youth by
consistently providing sex laden repetitive chants that perpetuate
violence and negativity, you will probably never hear my music blasting
through your radio waves. I don’t have a problem with that. I make my
bread elsewhere so I guess that’s why I don’t have the same pressures
as other writers to conform to what the media (one merchant of chaos)
dictates. I have complete creative control of every piece I write and I
truly take my freedom of speech seriously. I never want to come across
as preachy because you can go to church for that, but I do want to
leave you with something after my music fades out.********** So when
looking up Innocence, you’ll get absence of guilt, lawfulness,
harmlessness, freedom from (not of) sin, lack of worldly experience
and chastity. Innasense, however, is innocent, in a sense. There's
absence of guilt (as far as can be proven), lawfulness (most of the
time), harmlessness (unless you count tongue lashing), freedom from
sin (God ain't through with me yet), lack of worldly experience (just look
into my eyes) and chastity (uuuhhhh, that happens to be my dearest
friend's name). Therefore, when you think of Innasense, you’ll get a
derivative thereof with a lil twist.
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