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Ac Tah is a Mayan of direct lineage sharing the knowledge &
perspective of his people

So now in these times, there’s something that really bothers me and it
has to do with the alignment, the planetary alignment that is going to
happen on the 21st of December of this year. There’s a great
experiment that is going to be fulfilled on that day and this experiment
uses the particle accelerators.

Scientist are looking for the anti-matter and so they want to use this
planetary alignment to generate a very high vibration. It is called the
Proton Proton. It’s a proton that’s generated with very large machines
and there are two particles that revolve in opposite directions. They
travel dozens of kilometers when they come together and when they
collide they release all of these protons for the impact. And these
protons, stimulate another round in the machine (proton accelerator)
and they hit the earth. And when they hit the earth, they create a chain
reaction. They create a reaction towards the direction of the magma.
The magma hits the protons and it shoots out to the exterior of the

So when they are released, they break the tectonic plates. They then
ignite the methane gas and the gas escapes into the earth. One
moment of that friction causes the methane gas to catch on fire and
when it is released into the exterior of the earth, connects with the
oxygen and creates vortexes of fire. That is how many acres of forest
are burned.

About a month ago in Chiwaawaa, Mexico, the movement of the earth
created two of these spirals of fire. What is the purpose of the
experiment? The purpose of the experiment is to find this anti-matter
particle. But what really catches my attention is that when the proton is
released, it creates holes in the planet. These holes are about 50
meters wide and 50 meters deep. And when the protons released, this
entire area disappears. From 2010 to 2012, the earth now has 90,000
of these holes.

The Mayans worked a lot with quantum physics and right now there is a
space between the Mayans and the scientists. I’m going to explain this
space. All of the pyramids that the Mayans built are also particle
accelerators. We knew that on December 21st to the 23rd, we knew
that there would be this planetary alignment. We knew that the energy
would come from the center of the galaxy to the earth, but it would only
lasts about 8 minutes. Realize that for these 8 minutes, you would have
a very high level of consciousness. You would realize all of the errors of
your ways and everything that is going on in your life, but the earth
would return and re-cooperate its vibration. Then we would begin to
forget. So we were going to use these pyramids, so when this vibration
arrives to the earth, it remains trapped for a longer time. This would
allow us to maintain the awakened consciousness. So the quantum
physics scientists of today are studying the Mayan culture and they’ve
realized where this cosmic ray is going to hit, from the south of the
United States down to Guatamala. This is the width of the cosmic ray
that will arrive to the planet. This is where this ray will maintain itself for
8 minutes.

Unfortunately, many of these pyramids have been destroyed and this
vibration is not going to be maintained. So the scientist want to take
advantage of this cosmic ray to elevate the vibration of their machines
and the experiment in which they are looking for the anti-matter so that
they can have the result, they need to switch the poles of the earth.
They’ve tried it a few times. The earthquake in Chile and the
earthquake in Japan are the most recent occurrences. The axis of the
earth shifted to about 18 degrees and that’s a lot. So after the effect of
this, there are about 10,000 tons of dead fish because to move the
axis of the earth, the animals respond in a magnetic way and they lose
their orientation. Many of them drown, they hit each other, they change
their course, so there are many changes on the planet.

I noticed they had all of their machines focused on Mexico, but how
would that make it to where all of the protons came to Mexico? It’s very
easy when you understand science, basic science. You just study the
elements of nature. If I have a magnet here and the magnetic field of
the magnet is directed in this direction, or here, or here, or over here it’
s very easy. I just need a metal, a liquid metal…this liquid metal is
Mercury. They need Mercury. Mercury can not be magnetized, but it
works as a bridge to attract the magnetism. In Mexico, everyone has
bought Mercury without knowing it. Where is the Mercury? In the energy
efficient light bulbs, the spiral ones. If there were just 10 lamps, it
wouldn’t matter, but with 130 million Mexicans and we’ve bought about
50 million of these lamps, now that’s a more considerable amount. So
now everything is ready for the 21st of December, but they forgot one
little detail. The Mayans still exist and our memory is 3000 years old.

We began to build these de-accelerators, a particle de-accelerator. A
particle accelerator is worth millions of dollars, and the particle de-
accelerator is about 3000 dollars. So how do they work? In the month
of May, I gathered with a large group of people in the Yucatan, people
who were awake in their consciousness and we began to work with
water and we created a formula. This formula together with other
elements is able to absorb protons about 100 kilometers all around it.
So if a proton is released, within 100 kilometers from where we have a
pyramid, the pyramid absorbs the proton from below through a sensor,
through an area of resonance, it is then introduced to a cube that has a
circuit inside of it. So as the particles travelling at the speed of light,
and is very strong we put this circuit in water that can not generate
electricity, it just absorbs it. And this is distilled water. So in 130 liters
of water, the proton de-accelerates and nothing happens.

We’ve planted these pyramids throughout Mexico and when I return,
we are going to make smaller ones of about 60 centimeters and I have
an oscillator and this can generate a frequency and we are going to
share it throughout the country. When you activate this oscillator and
pull the field of the pyramid, it’s like a magnetic mattress throughout the
entire country. This allows the protons to collide, so they lose their
velocity. I’m also making magnetics throughout the entire country,
human magnetic.

How do we do that? Through the geometry that we showed, when we
do this movement we are generating an electro-magnetic field in our
bodies. Your body becomes a great, big magnet, so when you are
walking around the streets, you are activating the magnetic fields of
everyone around you. It’s a good strategy. It works because in Mexico,
there have recently been a lot of earthquakes. Two days ago there was
an earthquake in a place where we still haven’t put the pyramids, but
we have already detected where it is. This is a lot of work and we only
have two months to do it. Ok 3, October, November, December, it’s
very fast work.

In Mexico, I travel day and night. Everyday we are just going from one
place to another. This is why we decided to bring the geometry to the
United States, so that you can generate your own electro-magnet field
because the entire lower zone of the continent to do the awaken of the
consciousness. The more people that work with the terratial form of
geometry, for every 13 people, we create a small pyramid. So for
example, if here we had 120 people that were working with the
geometry at the moment of the alignment, all of these people could trap
this energy and maintain the vibration a lot longer. This would present
the opportunity for everyone else to establish new patterns in their
brain. Everything is energy.

I love energy. Everything that we are working with, magnetism,
electricity is all energy. It’s all natural. The work that we are doing to
absorb the protons, these pyramids will help maintain the vibration in
our country. We are hoping to put a pyramid in Alberqurque and Taos.
We are trying to figure out how to bring them up. If anyone can help us
to figure out how to do that, we can talk about it later.

So the same way as the terratial geometry, there’s no reason to be
afraid. Every element of nature is easily controlled by humans. We are
going to arrive at the level of work that the scientists are now
experiencing, but first we need to learn to understand our own bodies
and then work with science. It’s very simple. Right now we are capable
of doing so many marvelous things, but we can’t because we are
governed by our emotions and emotions just teach you how to control
other people. When you break away from that concept, science can
serve humanity. We can begin to work together united and it will
become a benefit to us. So remember when you are using your LED
lights, transmit your love and illuminate the people. It works. We’ve
done so many experiments in Mexico and everything is very positive.
Does anyone have any questions?

Where will the ray of vibration reach? Will it come all the way to South

It will get maybe as far away as Honduras, but the amplification of the
process will be worldwide and he’s hoping he can divide himself
throughout the entire world to get this work done. In fact, coming to the
United States is like a break for him. The ones who work are James
and My. They are the ones in charge of organizing this, but in Mexico I
am (he is) in charge of all the work. We sleep while we are travelling
and when we arrive we just begin to create conferences, workshops,
etc. We install the pyramids, we send out all the different geometries.
This is within all of the work that we do. Anyone who wants to come
down and help us in Mexico, you’re welcome. We need more help.
Does anyone else have a question?

What happens after the change in consciousness?

Really, we are going to take this consciousness. It is like suddenly
having an idea and this idea you have in your mind for a little while if
you don’t bring it to fruition, the idea looses it’s force and kind of falls
away. So this works the same way has the alignment and the change
in consciousness. It’s going to last 8 minutes and people are going to
say ‘Oh, wow it’s true. We’re going to live in peace.’ But if we don’t do
anything about it, it’ll feel like we just had an emotion and that’s it. With
the pyramids that we are creating, we are going to hope that allows the
vibration to stay for at least 3 months, so we can establish the
consciousness, so people can have time to create social groups,
create plans and begin to create another way of living. This is the

How can we prepare ourselves for that moment?

His suggestion is to have a pen and paper ready. Many ideas will
occur to you so write them all down. Later on, you can figure out which
ones are helpful and use them and we can figure out all the
technicalities. Really, we’re all prepared because we’re already
working with crystals and healing, cures. We are within the moment.
We just need this impulse. Continue doing what you’re doing. You don’t
have to change. You can continue meditating, singing, whatever you
know how to do...all the religions, all the philosophies, have all come to
help us to prepare ourselves. There’s nothing better than anything else.
Everything has prepared us for this knowledge. The best is to just have
more knowledge, so if mine doesn’t work, maybe yours will, so within a
moment we will achieve that unity. Unity does not mean that we all do
the same thing. It means that we learn how to co-exist with all of us
doing our own ways.

What time is the 8 minutes going to happen?

I’m going to pass around my phone so you can see the pyramid. So it’s
about midday on the 21st. that’s when they alignment begins and it
ends the 23rd in the middle of the day. So if you look in the center of
that time, that’ll be the highest peak of the alignment. That’s when the
complete alignment will take place and on this cosmic level, this
alignment only lasts 8 minutes. It’s like the full moon. The full moon lasts
three days and those three days, the actual full moon is only lasting
about 8 minutes and then it is gradually losing its alignment. Still we
see the full moon for three days long, but the reality is that it is only
about 8 minutes that it is completely full.

Because of this planetary alignment, in the first day, is when the moon
aligns and we have a solar eclipse. On the second day, we’ll have
another eclipse with Venus and on the third day, in the morning, is
when the night will prolong itself. It’ll be kind of like an eclipse, but it’s
not exactly the same thing. So they are like eclipses, but eclipses don’t
generate anything in the human body. We’ve lived thru many
eclipses…has anything changed because of them? You still have the
same debts. The eclipses are just markers. This is our calendar. What
we are paying attention to is the electro-magnetic impact of the center
of the galaxy with the sun. The eclipses just allow us to understand the
dates that it will happen.

Will it be like nighttime?

It won’t be like nighttime. It’s an eclipse. It’s more like a sunset. So
what’s happening with the alignment will affect our electricity. I don’t
know if you’ve ever been in the forest at sunset. It’s almost so dark. It’s
not something that we need to be afraid of, this darkness. It’s not
something that will cause a change in our bodies. Anyone who has
lived through a total eclipse knows that it is like a sunset. It’s just
become very sensationalized. I’m actually going to develop a special
lamp for those days. Even right now, we are experiencing problems
with our electrical systems, but it is going to be more intense.

To ascend is to take consciousness, become conscious. We just have
to remember that everything that we think, we have to act on and make
it happen. It wouldn’t do anything if we all sat here and said ‘Wow, we’
re in a different dimension.’ But if you continue needing money, then
you’re in the same dimension as you always were. If we arrive to a
higher dimension, then that means everything will change. It has to
mean it will change. Thank you very much.

And to conclude, give each other nice hugs, but when you hug each
other keep your palms of your hands, let them hug the back, so you can
feel the vibration of the other person. Just feel the vibration of the
person you’re hugging! 

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